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New 5-star Complex in Gonio: Pontus Rotana Spa Resort & Spa Gonio

New 5-star Complex in Gonio: Pontus Rotana Spa Resort & Spa Gonio

Pontus capital, a leading private equity firm specializing in the Georgian market, is set to unveil a remarkable addition to Georgia’s hospitality landscape. The company’s flagship project, Pontus Rotana resort & Spa Gonio, is a luxurious hotel complex being developed on the picturesque Gonio beach. This ambitious endeavor is being realized in collaboration with Rotana hotel management corporation PJSC, a renowned hotelier based in the United Arab emirates.

The Site of Pontus Rotana Resort & Spa

The magnificent 5-star hotel is located on the coveted first line of Gonio’s seaside, just a short 15-minute drive from the heart of Batumi on Georgia’s black sea coast.

Gonio, the site of the Pontus Rotana Resort & Spa, is a captivating coastal town renowned for its pristine beaches, stunning sunsets, and the historic gonio-apsaros fortress, the oldest citadel in Georgia. Set on a sprawling 4.5-hectare area near Batumi, Gonio offers a tranquil environment with beautiful views of green mountains cascading in the background. The hotel’s private beach provides an idyllic setting for guests to relax and enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the black sea.

With its proximity to Batumi international airport, which is just a 7-minute drive away, and it’s easy access to the Turkish border, Gonio is a strategically located hub for business and leisure travelers. 


About the business collaboration and investments

Georgia’s investment-friendly climate makes it an attractive destination for business ventures. Georgia ranks highly in international business indices, including the world bank’s “ease of doing business index” and the heritage foundation’s “economic freedom index.”

The collaboration between Pontus Capital and Rotana marks an exciting milestone for both entities. The Pontus Rotana resort & spa Gonio is poised to redefine luxury hospitality and set new standards for service excellence. The $45 million project boasts 600 keys and a range of world-class facilities, including restaurants, swimming pools, a spa, fitness center, conference hall, and a private beach.

Rotana hotel management corporation, founded in 1992, has experienced remarkable growth over the years and is recognized as one of the leading hotel brands in the middle east, africa, and turkey. Managing an impressive portfolio of nearly 100 hotels and resorts, rotana’s presence in the UAE includes 43 properties, ranging from luxurious 5-star hotels to resorts and apart hotels. This initiative is noteworthy because it is their first European investment.

Pontus development brings a unique investment opportunity to the Georgian real estate market. The company offers individual and corporate investors the chance to own hotel rooms managed by an international hotelier. Pontus Capital invites investors to explore the extraordinary potential of Georgia’s rapidly growing economy, highlighted by the Pontus Rotana resort & Spa Gonio project.